Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh China, how I love thee!

I figured since I posted about silver, I might as well post about my favorite China Patterns and which I will be acquiring and registering for! I could very well be addicted y'all, and believe that you can NEVER own too many patterns! 

For Everyday China, I am a huuuuuge FIESTA fan. My momma, gramma, and I all collect this and one day I will be handed down both of their collections as well. 
this is some of my Gramma's collection full of new and vintage pieces

a vintage collection I am in the process of trying to acquire

I have the a full 16 piece set in peacock and lemongrass, and i have a 4 piece set in each color: heather, turquoise, shamrock, and tangerine. 8 Large cereal bowls in Cobalt, and some serveware and other pieces in assorted colors. My momma also has full 16 piece sets in Sunflower, Cobalt, and Chocolate that I will one day be given. I do not believe you could ever have too much of this stuff, as it is perfectly safe for the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Basically, it's a party on the table!

I also really want the Paula Deen Dot Crazy Dinnerware for fun events when the girls come over for girls' nights or my daughter's slumber parties. 

When I get married, I plan to register for Pottery Barn Emma or Nantucket Basket by Wedgwood. 


For my fine china, I have a pattern from my granny on my daddy's side and a pattern from my gramma on my momma's side that I will receive. (I will tell you the names when I ask them, I forget what they are called, but they sure are pretty y'all!) However, here are my four favorites, that I would DIE to have! (The first two are the ones I will be asking for).

Lenox Opal Innocence

Lenox Southern Vista

Lenox Rutledge Legacy

Lenox Chirp

I would also love to have some Holiday China and am a fan of the Lenox Holiday Gatherings China.

On a side note, I also collect vintage Milk Glass, especially Fenton hobnail milk glass, with ruffled edges, that my granny and momma have been giving me pieces of for different holidays over the past couple of years. 

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